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Crystal Mystery Boxes!

Crystal Mystery Boxes!


Who doesn’t love a good surprise?  Crystal Mystery Boxes are hand-selected and intuitively chosen by me and can include anything from my current inventory- ie. Towers, Spheres, Flames, Skulls, Clusters, Hearts, Palms, Pyramids, Bowls, Carvings, Minis, Freeforms, Oracle/Tarot Cards, Jewelry, Worry Stones, Tumbles, Smudging Tools, Specimens, etc

(Pokémon/Hello Kitty/Star Wars/ Specialty Carvings will only be considered if requested!)


Select the size of the mystery box you wish to purchase and I will create the box based on the value you paid.  Each order will look different because it is based off what you need/ the value of the order (not the number of items.)  

***Sizes X-Large - XXX-Large come already discounted 10%!***


Each box comes with a personalized cheat-sheet with the names of crystals included in your box for identification. 


These make excellent gifts especially if you aren’t sure what crystals your loved one needs- just tell me a bit about them in the notes when checking out and I will design a box based off their needs.


Feel free to leave in a note of any requests for crystal materials, shapes, preferences, specific healing you are looking for, your favorite color, zodiac sign etc, or crystals you don’t want!

I’ll take everything into consideration!  However, requested items are based on stock and not guaranteed- but I will try my best for you!



All Crystals come fully cleansed and Reiki Charged by me <3



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