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Crystal Guide for Beginners


For centuries, civilizations have valued crystals for their beauty as well as for the unique vibrational energies within each crystal that can help facilitate healing for the body, mind, and spirit.  In a modern age of science, it may be difficult to understand how a rock can bring about any type of healing.  The answer lies in the vibrational energies found within crystals and how they affect the energy fields all around them, including the human energy field.


What are Crystals and How do they Work?

Crystals are natural elements that come from the earth.  A True crystal has an organized grouping of unit cells that forms a unique lattice pattern called a crystal system. These Lattice systems have specific internal geometric shapes that hold and electric charge called “piezoelectricity.” 

Crystals get their power from the same source as everything else in the universe.  Everything is made of energy.  Energy underpins the structure of our physical universe.  Everything is oscillation.  Everything is vibration.    Crystals work by way of “Entrainment”  The Definition of Entrainment is as follows:

Entrainment: the process of making something have the same pattern or rhythm as something else.

As with all other matter, crystals have their own vibration.  The human body also has its own vibration and is subject to entrainment when it comes in contact with other vibrations,   So, when you work with crystals, they can change your own body, mind and spirit energies through entrainment.  Because crystals generally have higher vibrations than the human body, they tend to raise your vibration.  Vibrating at a higher rate is helpful for humans because it allows us to advance spiritually and move in more positive directions mentally, physically, and emotionally. 


Electric Effects of Crystals

Piezoelectric Effect-  The piezoelectric effect occurs with non-conducting crystals generate an electrical charge when put under mechanical stress or other types of pressure.  Quartz is one crystal that demonstrates piezoelectricity.   (Hence why I use them in my orgonite devices)

Pyroelectric Effect-  Pyroelectric crystals such as tourmaline generate electrical current when heated or cooled.


How Can A Person Feel A  Crystal’s Energy?

1. Be Open to the Experience

2. Set Aside Any Preconceived Notions

3. Set Aside Expectations of Outcomes

4. Start with Crystals that attract you.

Everyone’s experiences with crystals are unique- and at the end of the day all that matter are yours!  Try to allow yourself to be open to whichever sensations or changes you notice.  Be in the moment, observe what happens.  Pay attention to what you think, sense, and feel.   Allow for the crystals energy to work through you. 


Myths About Crystals

Myth #1 “It’s all in my head”   Working with crystals helps take you out of your own head and allow you to be in sensation.  Crystals don’t requite you to rationalize or explain; they provide an opportunity for you to experience the energy they provide. 

Myth #2  “If crystals can help, they can harm.”  Crystals vibrate with energy that can entrain to your energy.  Intention and mind-set  play big roles in this.  Your beliefs always play a role in your outcomes and experiences.  If you approach crystals with the intention of shifting vibration for your highest and greatest good, this is what you will experience. 

Myth #3 “I have to be spiritual or new age to use crystals”  Crystals are for everyone!  There is no shape, size, color, age, gender, or religion that they are designated to!  All you need is an open mind and the sincere desire for change that serves your highest good and greatest good!

Myth #4 “I don’t need to cleanse my crystals”  Because Crystals absorb energy, it’s important to cleanse them to clear away unwanted energy.  (See “How to Cleanse Crystal Section”)

Myth #5 “Expensive Crystals are more powerful”  Quartz is one of the most common and inexpensive crystals, and is also one of the most powerful.  The amount of money you spend on a crystal really doesn’t have anything to do with how effective it is.  What matters is how a crystal affects your energy, and some of the most common and least expensive crystals may be exactly hat you need.


Cleansing Crystals

Just as you can entrain to the energy of a crystal, a crystal can entrain to the energies around it.  SO anytime someone handles a crystal or it changes location, or even if it’s just sitting in the emotional environment of your home, the crystal’s vibrational energies may change slightly.  To counteract this effect, it is important to cleans crystals regularly.  Any method will work.


Use Sage.  Light aSage bundle or smudge stick  and allow the smoke to drift over the crystals.  This is an excellent way to cleanse a bunch of crystals at once and one my #1 preffered method of cleansing.


Leave them in the moonlight.  Moonlight is cleansing for crystals.  Set your crystals on a windowsill or outdoors overnight.  Most people like to do this on a full moon-  but any moonlight is beneficial. 


Use Sound.  If you have access to crystal singing bowls or brass singing bowls these are great to use.  Bring the singing bowl to ringing and then hold the crystals within the sound field.


Salt or Water Cleansing.   You will often see people recommend cleansing crystals in sea salt, water, or salt water.  I personally don’t because salt, water, or saltwater will damage certain crystals.  You should never cleanse any raw or natural crystal in these.  Other Crystals you should never cleanse in this way include (But not limited to) amber, malachite, selenite, calcites, moonstone, topaz, kyanite, Opal- or as a general rule of thumb avoid putting crystals ending in “ite” in water.


Programming Crystals

When working with energy intention plays a major role.   While it is not necessary to do so, you can program freshly cleansed crystals with intent if you wish to work with a specific energy.   This can be especially helpful if you only have a few crystals.  For example, Clear Quartz works with virtually any energy, but when you program it with intent, it makes the crystal even more powerful.


How To Program

  1. Hold it in your dominant hand.  Close your eyes and picture your intent.  For example, if your intent is prosperity announce out loud that you are programming this crystal to attract prosperity.  Pair it with repeating the affirmation “I am prosperous” as you hold your crystal.

  2. Imagine your intent turning to light.  Imagine it travelling through your arm into your hand and into your crystal.  Do this for 1-5 minutes.



Maintaining Crystals

Crystal Maintenance keeps your crystals in good physical condition and also protects their highest possible vibratory state.  To maintain your crystals:

  1. Cleanse them at least once a month.  Most people enjoy taking part in this every full moon (and that can also be a reminder to you that its time to do so)  You should also cleanse them after first acquiring them- you don’t know who handled them or what energy they were exposed to before you got them.  It’s also important to cleanse them after heavy use.

  2. Store them Carefully.  Storing them individually wrapped can keep them from becoming scrathed and maintaining their vibrational energy.

  3. If you display them (which most do- they’re so beautiful to look at!) Dust them with a soft cloth.  A soft microfiber cloth works well, or a feather duster.  Avoid any cloth that is too abrasive. 


Crystal Shapes

Raw vs. Polished: Crystals predominantly take two forms- Raw and Polished.  Raw crystals are in their natural state- they typically look like rocks pulled from the earth.  On the other hand, polished crystals have been tumbled and are typically smooth and shiny.   Is there a difference in energy between the two?  It really depends on whom you ask.  Some people find the energy of raw crystals feels more powerful, while others claim polished crystals do.  It is really a personal preference. 


Tumbles: Gentle Constant energy. 


Raw: Strong sporadic pure energy


Points:  These are sometimes called a Crystal Tower. They can be stones cut into a Crystal Point shape or a natural Crystal Point which is cut at the base to allow it to stand up. Like all points, they direct and focus energies out the termination point. Carved Standing Crystal Points are often cut into Generator Point shapes so they help amplify energy and our intentions.

They can be used to raise the vibration of location. Place them on your altar or within any sacred space. Standing Crystal Points are good for gridding the corners of a room or your home. They also make excellent crystals for the central stone in any crystal grid. 


Double Terminated: Receives and emits Energy.    Transmits information.  Double terminated crystals have their energy flowing both ways making them advantageous for healing and spiritual purposes. These crystals are used to take energy in at one point, transmute it, and emanate it at the other point.


Clusters: Clusters are naturally occurring points.  Clusters direct vibration throughout space creating a diffused energy.  They are good for filling an entire room or space with energy. These are great to put in rooms where you want to fill the entire space with the crystals energy. 


Spheres:  Crystal Spheres diffuse energy evenly outward in all directions.  They support oneness and wholeness. 

They are also known as a Crystal Ball. A Crystal Sphere is cut and polished to be perfectly round. Spheres radiate energy smoothly and evenly in all directions. They can also slow down and neutralize harmful or unbalanced energies. They are connected to the Earth, other Planets or the Moon. Sphere’s help open the Third Eye Chakra, assisting people in developing clairvoyance.

It is no surprise that Crystal Spheres are traditionally used for scrying. They can be passed through the aura in crystal healing or held over the chakras. Sphere’s will need a stand for display, they bring a peaceful and grounded energy to the home. Place them in the centre of crystal grids for earth healing, harmony, protection or psychic development.


Hearts:  These are any crystal cut into the traditional heart shape symbol. Crystal Hearts represent love, our heart and connect with the energy of our Heart Chakra. These stones can be placed over this chakra in healing work. Small hearts can be carried with you.  Medium to large hearts can be placed around the home, bedroom or within crystal grids. Crystal Hearts can help to attract love or a new relationship. They help heal the heart and emotional wounds. Hearts bring loving energies and help balance relationships.


Pyramids:  They stabilize the energies of the earth while enhancing and projecting energies out the apex. Pyramids work well when placed around the home. Crystals Pyramids gather and direct energy.  Intentionally focused energy.


Cubes:  Crystals cut as spheres support the element of earth.  They are grounding, energizing, stabilizing, and support improved focus.  Meditating with cubic crystals in your hands can help you connect to the energy of the Earth. You can also place them in each corner of a room to protect the space.


Egg: Crystal Eggs promote balance, healing, and femininity. Three dimensional Crystal Eggs come in many different sizes. The egg shape can be used to help shield, heal or strengthen the aura. Crystal Eggs channel the energies of renewal, personal transformation and support new beginnings. Small Eggs could be carried but may be a bit fragile.

Crystal Eggs can be held to meditate with, passed through the aura or placed around the home. Place them in bowls or use a stand like those for crystal spheres. They can be used in the centre of crystal grids for protection, healing or new beginnings.


Geode:  Grounding internal healing


Crystal Angel: Crystal Angels come in many shapes and sizes. They are quite minimal and not realistic statues. Crystal Angels anchor angelic energies, helping you connect with different angels or your guardian angels. Small ones can be carried with you in your pocket or a bag.

They can be placed around the home or a healing room for added high vibration angelic support, protection or healing. Crystal Angels can also be placed at the centre of angelic crystal grids.


Merkabas:  The merkaba is a 3-D star.  It is associated with the energy of sacred truth and eternal wisdom.


Palmstones:  Grounding, Can be used as a “worry stone” to relieve stress.  Palm stones are designed to fit into the palm of your hand and have a lovely tactile shape. They can be used in lots of ways and are beautiful enough to display at home. Lay these palm stones on the skin, use them focus energy, carry them with you or simply hold the stone to feel its energy.


Crystal Wand:  A Crystal Wand is a solid piece of crystal that is cut into either a faceted Crystal Point or rounded, these are sometimes called Massage Wands. Crystal wands come in various shapes and sizes now but the idea is still the same. They are mainly used to direct the energies of the crystal into the aura or chakras.

They can also channel other energies such as Reiki through them by an Energy Healer. The rounded end or fattest end of a Crystal Wand is sometimes used to draw off negative energies. Although they are mostly used for healing work you can hold them in meditation. They could be added to large crystal grids but this will end up quite expensive.


Crystal Skull:  These can be very realistic carvings to more symbolic skulls. The most common ones are based on human skulls and they have the properties described here. Crystal Skulls help people connect with their ancestors, guides or other spiritual teachers and masters.

They can also be worked with for healing, protection and channeling guidance or ancient knowledge. Crystal skulls can be held in the hands while meditating, placed around the home or used as part of crystal grids.


Aura Crystals:  This is not technically a shape but I thought it was important to note about.  Though artificially enhanced by modern techniques, these crystals utilize the ancient powers of alchemy and synergy. By electrostatically bonding precious metals from the Earth onto the surface of natural Clear Quartz points or clusters, a new, unified color layer is created, a permanent blend that intensifies the properties of the original elements, as well as emanating a unique spectrum of subtle energies on its own


Aura Quartzes are crystals of spiritual elevation, remarkable for their powers of guidance and expansion of the soul. They provide serenity and peace during meditation, deepening one’s attunement to the Divine and opening gateways to the angelic realm. They assist in remembering lessons from past incarnations and expand the awareness of one’s spiritual purpose for this lifetime. Aura Quartzes are highly protective during spiritual journeying, and can be an effective aid for conscious channeling and all types of inter-dimensional communications.



The Crystal Bible by Judy Hall


The Crystal Alchemist by Karen Fraizer


Crystals for Beginners by Karen Fraizer


The Book of Stones by Robert Simmons & Naisha Ahsian,


 The New Crystal Bible by Cassandra Eason

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